I’m Enes. I was born in Istanbul and grew up here. I studied economics in Istanbul. Since I am interested in economy and investment issues, I plan to do a master’s degree in this field in the future.

My Story

I worked in a wide variety of jobs during my education from my very young age. I worked as a construction worker, accountant, bartender, supervisor, warehouse employee, driver, etc. I have also worked for companies that are well known in their industry, such as Philip Morris. I gained a lot of experience. Although I didn’t really like working, I don’t regret any of them today. I learned a lot while working.

What am I currently doing?

I work in the financial reporting department of a bank in Turkey.

What are my future plans?

When I’m still young, I want to gain financial freedom and quit my job. I plan to earn my income from my long-term investments and dividends.


I do not want to submit reports to my superiors, give orders to lower-ranking employees, stress too much to fulfill my duties, button my jacket in front of my manager, or immediately correct my posture when I see my boss throughout my life.

Working hours are officially 8. However, if we add the preparation for work and the time spent on the road to this, the time devoted to work increases even more. We study for years, work most of our time and still have to settle for a low salary. It’s called modern slavery, and I don’t want to be a slave. I cannot give my boss 10-11 hours of my day so that he can have an iced drink on his yacht in Hawaii. I do not want to wake up at 7 in the morning and return home at 7 pm so that my boss will earn more.

Time is the most precious thing in the world. They say that time cannot be bought. However, someone who has gained economic freedom thanks to his investments and passive income will be able to buy time.

I want to spend my time working for myself, not for my boss. I want to go beyond what was offered to me, to make my own way, to be self-sufficient and to make my dreams come true.

What am I telling on my blog?

Here I am conveying my knowledge and experiences. My target audience is people who want to gain financial independence and live wealthy and prosperous. On my blog, you can find advices on increasing your income, providing side income or making savings. I’m planning to write mostly on investment. Besides, I want to focus on the stock market over time.

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My email address is enesoner@homoeconomicus.blog.

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